About Us

A non-profit, registered charity organization whose mission is to engage Jamaicans and other partners across the globe into strategic actions so that Jamaica can experience revival, sustainable development and transformation.


In about 1998 Reinhart Bonnke came to Jamaica and made a charge that Jamaica will be saved. Out
of that charge it birthed within Bruce Fletcher, Chairman of OSJ, a vision of a Jamaica that would be
saved. Bruce Fletcher felt strongly that Jamaica would be saved from within the innercity and that if  revival were to happen in Jamaica it would have to happen by local churches working together. The transformation would happen if Jamaicans took up the responsibility and invited others to come to serve.

Bruce Fletcher was joined by his wife Patricia Fletcher, Dr. Alison Nicholson, Broderick Bowes, and
then later with Richard and Charmaine DeLisser and Harry and Rosamund Walcott in starting
Operation Save Jamaica. The founding members altogether shared the burden that Jamaica could be changed and that the Kingdom of God must have a way to impact the nation. 

They all shared a burden for inner-city communities and that was where OSJ started its work, in Trench Town, Kingston. Operation Save Jamaica (OSJ) was officially registered in 1999.


To bring about significant and sustainable social, economic and spiritual transformation to our nation Jamaica.


To facilitate the strategic engagement of Jamaicans and other sympathetic people from all across the globe to make the vision of OSJ a reality.

What We Believe

  1. We believe that for our nation to be transformed our inner city communities must to be transformed.
  2. We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ has the ability to bring about lasting change in people’s lives and have a positive impact on the values of a nation.
  3. We believe that the Christian community, including churches and para-chruch
    organizations, should play a major role in the process of spirtual and social
    transformation in our nation.
  4. We believe that for our nation to be one of peace where good will is shown to all men,
    our leaders must set an example of integrity and honesty and demonstrate that it is their duty to serve all of our citizens regardless of political affiliation.
  5. We believe that it is not only the duty of the politicians and other leaders to bring about change in Jamaica, but every single Jamaican shares that responsibility.

The OSJ Approach

We believe that significant and sustainable change can only come through partnership.

  1. Where there are existing ministries which are achieving the goals of OSJ, we will support and work with those organizations to fulfil their objectives.
  2. Where ministries are absent but vital to the achieving of OSJ’s vision, we will act as a
    catalyst in the creation and development of those ministries.
  3. To work with the Government of Jamaica and its agencies in bringing about change.
  4. To strategically engage individuals and organizations that are sympathetic to the needs
    in Jamaica so that resources and expertise can be harnessed and channeled to
    organizations at work here in Jamaica.
  5. To provide a transparent and credible channel for individuals and organizations to be
    informed about and to participate in efforts that will bring about sustainable change in Jamaica.
  6. We believe that the government of Jamaica has a responsibility to the nation and that the citizens of Jamaica have the responsibility to hold the government accountable.

The Branches of OSJ and Their Mandates

Street Pastors Jamaica

Mobilizes the church to be on the streets, connecting, listening, helping, comforting and caring for those in cities and communities.

Strong Women of Jamaica

Endeavours to seek out and identify women in under-resourced communities in order to empower and transform their lives, enabling them as well to transform their communities.

Jam EduCare

Strives to transform the landscape of Education within Under- Resource Communities creating schools of choice in these communities.


Strives to realize the great potential of the earning prowess of under-resource communities and as well as for individuals within them for their financial stability and growth.

Caribbean Emerging Leaders

Exists to develop an interdenominational, multi-skilled community of Christian young persons from Jamaica, the Caribbean and it’s Diaspora who are connected, empowered, passionate and committed to collectively changing their countries and impacting the world.

Christian Diaspora Network

Facilitates the church to be more involved in nation building and influencing societies beginning with Jamaica.

Serving Those Most Affected By Covid-19

As many continue to struggle with the crippling effects of the Covid-19 virus, we thought it was an opportunity to serve those most affected by the virus and the economic fallout. Find out what we are doing and how you can get involved to serve others.