Transforming Communities through Education

We believe that if the level of education is raised in the schools in under-resourced communities, the communities will begin to be transformed. 

Team Leader: Dr. Loraine Cook

Immediate Objectives:

To create Schools of Choice in under-resourced communities

To establish remedial schools in communities 

To create a Resource Centre – both physical and virtual, to serve schools, teachers, children and parents.



Adopt a School and use it as a pilot. 

– The school we have selected is Charlie Smith which is in Trench Town.

Adopt a remedial school and make it a model remedial school. 

– Operation Restoration Christian School which is also in Trench Town has been selected as the pilot remedial school. 


OSJ Accomplishments in Education:


  1. Showing of movies in theatres for students in partnership with Step By Step Productions (some schools still use them in their counselling and guidance units).

  2. Significant support of Operation Restoration Christian School a remedial school in Trench Town. OSJ Chairman is presently the chair of the school which was started by Lorna Stanley.

  3. Training of teachers in under-resourced schools jointly with the School of Education UWI.

  4. Important Symposium with School of Education, University of the West Indies – Changing the Landscape of Education in Under- Resourced Urban Schools

  5. Joint Journal, UWI of the same topic.

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