Once Jail-Bound, Chef Has Recipe For Change

Professor Rosalea Hamilton, CEO of the LASCO Chin Foundation, is flanked by Andre Griffiths (left) and Kevon McLeish, winners of the LASCO Chin Awards for Community Impact and Influence. The event was held at Spanish Court Hotel in New Kingston on Sunday.Shorn Hector/Photographer

BEFORE THE intervention of the LASCO Chin Foundation, there was a warrant out for the arrest of Kevon McLeish for owing more than $60,000 in rent almost nine months ago.

Today, he is not only a free man in that he was able to avoid jail time, thanks to the foundation’s Sustainable, Socio-economic Intervention Entrepreneurship Programme, but he believes that the initiative has unleashed the potential for him to be his own boss.

McLeish, 34, is from the often volatile community of Majesty Gardens, better ‘Back To’, in St Andrew, and because of wanting to run away from this reality, he was almost placed behind bars…