Transforming The Landscape Of Education Within Under-Resourced Urban Schools

The School of Education, University of the West Indies, Mona, in collaboration with Operation Save Jamaica, hosted a two-day symposium on Changing the Landscape of Education within Urban Schools and Communities October 31 and Friday November 1, 2013. The goals of the symposium were to expose educators to the rugged terrain that many children from inner city communities encounter and also to facilitate discussions among the participants of some of the challenges and solutions to the critical issues raised by our presenters. Approximately 120 persons attended. Among the attendees were school principals, teachers, teacher educators and community workers from Jamaica, Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. At the end of the symposium participants agreed that the information presented should be compiled and used to provide insights to, and promote dialogue amongst educators and policy makers. As a result a special issue of the Caribbean Journal of Education was produced, which focused upon practical solutions to the challenges faced by under-resourced communities.

Day 1 – Dr. Swithin Wilmot (Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Education) 

speaks with Ms. Lorna Stanley.

Dr. David Jordan (right) shares with Dr. Swithin Wilmot (Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Education), Dr. Camille Bell- Hutchinson (Campus Registrar), Professor Griffith (Director, School of Education), Dr. Lorraine Cook (Co-Chair of the symposium) and Pastor Bruce Fletcher (Co-Chair of the symposium).

Professor Sandee Mc Lowry facilitates workshop (Day2).