Encounter Ministries International (EMI), in collaboration with the Member of Parliament St Andrew Eastern, Min. Andre Hylton, community stakeholders, the local church groups in the area, Bethel Gospel Tabernacle, New york and Operation Save Jamaica, hosted a grand community health fair and intervention, under the theme “Healthy communities build healthy societies”. This included: A Health Fair (July 21 – 25), 2015 A Vacation Bible School camp (VBS) July 22 – 25, 2015 Repair project

Community project with Ruach from the UK, Inner City Ministry for Christ and supported by OSJ.

OSJ engaged with 30 teens and young adults from Majesty Gardens in a series of workshops that look at gender-based violence and encouraged young people to be positive forces within the community. This project was funded by UNFPA The United Nations Population Fund. Workshop Participants with their certificates and resource packets. MAJESTY GARDENS COMMUNITY FAIR OSJ provided childrens activities at the Majesty Gardens Community Fair being hosted by the Planning