Health Fair and Community Intervention 2015

Encounter Ministries International (EMI), in collaboration with the Member of Parliament St Andrew Eastern, Min. Andre Hylton, community stakeholders, the local church groups in the area, Bethel Gospel Tabernacle, New york and Operation Save Jamaica, hosted a grand community health fair and intervention, under the theme “Healthy communities build healthy societies”. This included:

  • A Health Fair (July 21 – 25), 2015
  • A Vacation Bible School camp (VBS) July 22 – 25, 2015
  • Repair project (houses for elderly residents) July 21 – 25, 2015

The initiative targeted communities in and around the Standpipe and Jarrett Lane (Mountain

View), communities.


Supporting entities

The initiative was a proven success through the kind support of the following entities:

  • Operation Save Jamaica, for providing medical doctors and assistance via its charity status, facilitating the waiving of customs duties on 18 barrels and 42 suit cases of medical, eye glasses, pharmaceutical, dental, food, toiletries, clothes, tools and other items, imported into the Island for the health fair.
  • Member of Parliament St Andrew Eastern, Mr Andre Hilton for his support and sponsorship towards the event
  • Councilor Care Taker Dollis Campbell for her hard work and sponsorship of food each day to feed the volunteer workers each day.
  • Local Church groups for their volunteerism and providing meals for the children each day.
  • Grace Kennedy, Jamaica Biscuit Company, Jamaica Broilers, Spanish Grain and Cal’s manufacturing for the sponsorship of food.
  • Ministry of Security & Justice (Ms Keisha Hinds), for providing tents.
  • Ministry of Health (Ms Ava-Gay Timberlake, Ms. Campbell and Ms. Anderson), for facilitating the granting of permit to import the pharmaceuticals from the USA.
  • Bethel Gospel Tabernacle (New York), for the provision of 18 barrels and 42 suit cases of medical, eye glasses, pharmaceutical, dental, food, toiletries, back to school supplies, shoes, clothes, tools and other items. Also for providing 42 volunteers from the USA, including, craftsmen, nurses, doctors, physiotherapist, prayer councilors and care givers for the children.


Medical services/Agents present

  • Diabetic Association of Jamaica
  • Cancer society of Jamaica
  • National Health Fund
  • Local Doctors
  • Medical representative from the Chest Hospital


Impact of the health fair and intervention

The event was a tremendous success as it impacted several residents (parents, youths, children and elderly), on a daily basis, as follows:


Medical Clinic

  • App 1200 adults impacted
  • App 1400 children impacted
  • App 300 adults residents, benefited from the medical clinic – they had their blood, sugar pressure and eyes checked, got over the counter drugs and vitamins and were prayed for, each day for 4 days
  • 20 men were screened for prostate cancer
  • App 200 children benefited, including checked and or treated by the pediatrician, each day for 4 days.
  • Over 500 pairs of eye glasses were distributed during the health fair


Vacation Bible School

  • App 150 children were engaged in a Vacation Bible School programme, fed a cook meal and prayed for, each day for 4 days


Care Packages & back to school items

  • App 900 care packages were given to adults, including food items and toiletries
  • App 950 adults benefited from clothes and shoes items
  • App 350 back to school packs, including back packs, books, pens, pencils, etc were distributed to children
  • App 350 care packages, including clothes, shoes, baby items etc were distributed to children


Repairs to elderly houses have started.

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